The welfare department’s focus is to fulfill this requirement by giving support to those who are in need, whether it is financial support, visiting people in their homes to give them an encouraging word or by counselling or mentoring them. The department is dedicated to the welfare of the church members. The department is aimed at closing the backdoor of the church by ensuring that member’s needs are met whilst also organizing programs targeted towards the personal development of members.




The hospitality department serves to be a resource and support to newcomers to the church who have chosen Grace Assembly London as their home church,as well those members of the church who maybe in need in one form or the other.



Ushering and Protocol

Ushers meet, greet, and seat parishioners as they enter the Sanctuary and direct foot traffic in and around the sanctuary during and after services and programs being organized in church.​​The protocol team serve and protect the parish pastor as well as guest ministers. They also coordinate transportation & offer hospitality and escort services.




Media and Technology

The Media & Technology department manages technology infrastructure within the church and runs and operates the Sound and Video system during services and all church programs.  The team also manages all social media platforms and internet presence for the church. It also provides technical support for office network connectivity, computers hardware/software and printers.  



Transportation and Traffic Warder

The Transportation Department help to transport church members in need of transportation to church for services and special programs.

The traffic wardens control traffic during any of our worship services or whenever we have any special occasion in church.



Sanctuary Keepers

The sanctuary Keepers create a welcoming, inspiring and appropriate environment to enhance and support worship in the church.

Join us every Saturday at 11am to keep the house of God clean....!



Welcome Team

The Welcome Team is comprised of volunteers who help first timers feel welcomed, relaxed and comfortable throughout the service.


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